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Client Testimonials

January 11, 2005

Dear AccuTech Propeller Team,
Our purchase of two new propellers from your business and having them tuned for our boat made a huge difference in performance.  The 31ft Cruisers Inc. did not run this smooth when it was new.  Vibrations were not even noticeable at any speed.  We took the boat to Montreal for the 6th time and noticed a 10% fuel savings over previous trips.  This amounted to $150 in savings put into our pockets.

Your service is the best and delivery was ahead of schedule.  We would recomend your services to anyone.

Best regards,
Jeff Lefebvre
Hazelett Marine CIO
Colchester, VT

2005 Customer Survey

This year begins our 4th full year of operation.  Our goal has always been to have our customers feel that they really are #1 and that they have received value from our services.  To this end, we have, each year, asked our customers to give us a report card in the form of a survey questionnaire.  Once again, we have received over a 60% response within an 8 week period with surveys still coming in.  We really do want to know what we are doing right, wrong or areas that we are not properly responding.  Jason, Nick and myself, pour over these responses to learn how we can formulate the best possible experience for our customers.  Our approval rating among our customers remains at 99.8% (some day we will figure out how to achieve 100%, we're trying).

The following are some of the comments received this year.  The actual surveys are on file and available for viewing upon request.

- Larry Kindberg, President

(March 30, 2005)

"After 35 years in the passenger vessel business, I was skeptical of some of the claims made for the Prop Scan process - I am now a believer - the difference in my vessel is amazing!"   
- Capt. Brad Cook, Atlantic Fishing & Whale Watching, Rye, NH

" I was very happy with the service and the timely manner in which the work was completed.  The boat never ran so smooth.  I'll definitely be back! 
- Tom Sutton, F/V Julia G, Lincoln, NH

" I can't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else for prop service."
- Frank Price, F.G.Price Co., Rowley, MA

" I am pleased as a commercial lobsterman to know we have such a fine service in my immediate area.  I have told many others of your location and service.  Thanks!"
- John Semprini, Exeter, NH

" A state-of-the-art facility staffed by knowledgeable  people who are obviously proud of their product and are eager to educate the customer.  The proof is in the precision of their work that translated into performance."
- Robert Hamm, Westminster, MA

Some Comments from the 2004 Survey

"Larry, Jason & Nick:
Just wanted to touch base regarding the props you spec'd and tuned for "Priority Too".  I'd have to say the project was a success.  After changing from the 22" x 22", 3 blade to the 22" x 21", DQX 4 blade, I'm able to obtain what we were trying to accomplish.  Max RPM now reaches 4550, vibration is gone, synchronization is not an issue now, and I've gained about 2 knots at top end.  Additionally, both engines now consume the same amount of fuel.  Also, thanks for the tips regarding prop mounting, zinc placement and bonding."

- Capt. Steve Overberg, Danvers, MA

"Very nice, informative people with great attitudes."
- John L., York, ME

"Great work - Increased RPM as required and ran smoother.  Previous work by other provider failed to rectify my problems."
- George K., N. Hampton, NH

"Love you guys!  Keep up the great work!"
-Capt. Jake J., Salisbury, MA

"Honest and up-front. just the way I like it!"
- Jim Rzepecki, Manchester, NH

"Boat owners ask me who do I use for my propeller repairs.  I reply "AccuTech of North Hampton, NH" and give them one of my cards." 
- Frank DeLeo, Boston, MA

"Very professional and technical service on boat propellers.  A must service for any boat enthusiast.  I thought originally that I had a bent shaft, it turned out to be the prop."
- John D., Portsmouth, NH

"Its nice to work with a company that takes the time to talk, listen and advise its customers on what to try!  Friendly, informative and time to talk about prop problems or info." 
- Richard S., Wilmington, MA

"The results of your Prop Scan exceeded my expectations.  I'm very satisfied. "
- Alan Bouffard, Kittery, ME

Some Comments from the 2003 Survey

I was skeptical when you suggested a 4 blade for "Triple Play", but performance was the proof - you have my vote and recommendations."

- Capt. Rick Kilborn, Boatwise

My inboard ski boat has never operated so smoothly.  Theextra thrust is definitely welcome, especially at wakeboard speeds.  It also holds without touching the throttle.  I will never mount another prop without having it Prop Scanned first.  Your service and dedication are second to none.  I recommend AccuTech to anyone who is interested in listening."

- John Sullivan, Fremont, NH

My boat never ran up to the proper RPM, 2800.  It now runs to 2800 and I can cruise at 2500 rpm.  The engine noise has been reduced considerably.  All of my regular clients comment on how much smoother and quieter the boat is.  Thank you."

- Capt. Kevin Twombly, Kayman Charters, Gloucester, MA

Please use this data with your customers:
2001, Tiara Open, 35', 370hp Cummings diesels:
Before Prop Scan: Average fuel consumption = 16.06gph
After AccuTech's Prop Scan: 12.55 gph. "

- Steve Flanagan, Newington, NH

We love to hear from our clients. Feel free to contact us and give us your comments about the experience you had with AccuTech.

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